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PTSD Self Help Tips

· Implement a workout routine. It can be anything that gets your blood pumping and creates strain on your body, allowing you to work out some of the stress and anxiety that you're feeling.

· When you’re remembering the event, try to give it its time. This allows your body to begin working through it.

· If a flash of anger hits or you're feeling irritable, count down from 100 in increments of seven (i.e., 100, 93, 86, 79). Even if you get the subtraction wrong, continue counting until you get to zero.

· In large crowds or when you’re feeling angry toward someone or a group of people, take a minute and stop to reflect on why you're angry. Finding an underlying cause can help you work through the anger.

· When you’re fighting with a loved one at home, stop and go to a different room. Give yourself 10 to 20 minutes to breathe, count, and relax. It’s important not to leave the house entirely, but to just go to a different room to give yourself time.

· If you’re feeling tense, anxious, and on high alert, relax your muscles and stretch out your jaw. Feel where your body was tightening and tense (chest contracted, shoulders tight, jaws clenched), knowing this will help the therapy process.

· Write down situations and issues you've had as well as the feelings you've experienced from them. Remember there’s always someone by your side. Come in and get help to work through everything you've gone through.

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